Monday, February 21, 2011

I won a great Leather Purse from

So recently I won AN AWESOME Leather Purse from
I absolutely love this purse so much.  It is 100% Italian Leather and retails around $150.
It's called the Suzie in Gun Metal and you can find it on the website
It is currently sold-out but there are a bunch of cute purse options.  These purses are DEFINITELY one that you want to own.
The Leather is so soft and the color is brilliant.  It just feels so sturdy, and you can definitely see the care and craftsmanship that is put into making these purses. 

You can also follow Petite Kaye on her Face Book Page and check out the purses there.
Also check out her Blog! It's really great.

Coach Purse Giveaway

Another Bad Luck Story:
I feel that I am the unluckiest person on the planet sometimes!
And I firmly believe it is because I was born on Friday the 13th!
My 21st birthday fell on Friday the 13th - and my lung collapsed that day!  I spent my whole 21st Birthday Weekend in the hospital!  No Trauma or anything, just a spontaneous pneumothorax.  They said I could suffer up to 7 in my lifetime, and thankfully I have not experienced another one.  I am 27 years old now.
Now my 24th Birthday was not on a Friday, but 3 days later my car was broken into to.
On My birthday I had received a new Coach Purse and an 80G IPod.
My Mustang was parked out front of the house I was living in at the time. Very nice Neighborhood.
Now for whatever reason I had my iPod in the center console, my new coach purse in the back seat along with a Gwen Stefani LAMB bag from her original line, totally RARE.
I went outside in the morning to go to work and my car door was slightly ajar.  I got in and saw that my center console was open, and my iPod was gone, along with my two purses in the back seat!
That was the first time my car had been broken into, and it's happened twice since then....except the next two times no one got anything! 
Now my window is never broken or anything of that sort, so I guess an 02 mustang can just be unlocked really easily with a slim Jim or something?


So I recently started entering Sweepstakes via Facebook and blogs.
So far I have won:
$25 Gift Certificate to a restaurant in my town called El Tapatio - Thanks Heart for the City!
$25 Apple Store Gift Card - Thanks
$20 Fandango Gift Card thanks to Fox Searchlight Pictures! I used it to go see "The Roommate" with my best friend Liz.  (I do not recommend seeing this movie)
"The Tillman Story" on DVD.  I haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet.  As soon as I do I will review it.  I gave it to my neighbor to watch, and he said it is absolutely stunning.
I won a great book from  They have so many book giveaways it's incredible!  Definitely stop by there and enter to win some!
I won a $150 Gift Certificate.  I have a nail appointment tomorrow afternoon!
$50 Cattlemen's Restaurant Gift Card, thanks to the California Beef Council.  Ironic, I don't eat Beef, BUT I love Cattlemen's.  I think their restaurants are only in California.
I won a gift from Magazine.  They have a great daily giveaway that is Sponsored by  I don't know what my prize is, but I am anxious to find out!  I will definitely review the product when I receive it.
A seven piece cookware pot and pan set by Bialetti.  Retails about $200. I can't wait to review this product!!

 WOAH!!!!! I am feeling SOOOOO great, it feels like 2011 is going to be a great year and that maybe my luck is changing!
Plus I recently started walking 6+ miles every other day, and doing the shake weight routine every day at home.

I am so proud of myself, and being that I've never worked out a day in 27 years - I had no idea how good it can make you feel!

So I decided today that I wanted to see if there were any Coach Purse giveaways out there, and I came across a blog that is giving one away.

It's a nifty little website, so definitely check it out, and enter to win yourself.

Rachel Rach

LAMB By Gwen Stefani for LeSportSac

The first LAMB Bag that I got was the 2003 1st edition Hella Hobo bag seen here:

It is my absolute favorite purse of all time.  The great thing about these purses is the material.  It is so easy to clean!  You just have to use a wet washcloth with some soap, and everything comes right off.    Now this was 8 years ago when I was 19 years old.  Now days I need something bigger to carry all of my stuff!  This purse will always be held dear in my heart though!

This Red Hella Hobo bag is my 2nd favorite.  It was great to wear when I was wearing a red shirt, sweater or scarf.  It was an absolute necessity with my Devil Halloween costume.  Sadly, this bag was stolen from me back in my party days.  I miss it dearly and would love to find a replacement.

I loved this Cursive Hella Hobo!  I was very choosy on when I would use it because it was so unique and hard to find, that I was afraid of getting it dirty. It has Gwen's handwriting on it saying "where did my lamb go" on various lines all over the bag.  Again, sadly, this was stolen along with my Coach Purse and iPod when my car was broken in to in front of my house.  These purses seem to be collectors items, and are still being offered on ebay few and far between.

I am not sure exactly the name and style of this purse.  But I have it in both black and white.  It's an over the chest bag, and it's great to use when you are out in the busy city to feel more secure.  It has a nice long strap, that you can adjust to any length.  I like the security I feel being able to have it across my chest and knowing it would be harder for a purse snatcher to grab.  I still use the black one alot because it is large and holds more stuff.

I love it when I see girls out and about wearing a LAMB Bag.  It reminds me of my youth, and it's nice to see a fellow Gwen Stefani Fan.  I met Gwen for the 1st time in 2001 when I was 18 years old.  A year later, her LeSportSac LAMB line of hand bags came out.  I was first in line at Macy's to buy one.  I was wearing it a year later in Las Vegas at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards and I heard a woman say "Hey Nice Purse".  I turned around and my gosh, it was Gwen Stefani.

She was everywhere in Vegas that week, and I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with her on numerous occasions that week and other years later.

She was so polite and sweet.  She even introduced her parent's to my father, who is the BIGGEST Gwen Fan on the Planet!

In this picture above you can see that I am wearing the Hella Hobo Black and White Purse.(a little bit)

And just for fun - some more of the No Doubt Band Members, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young. (You can see the purse better in these pictures)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST......Please don't make fun of me I was 18 years old in this picture!

All my LAMB and No Doubt Swag!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paris Hilton Fragrances

Ah. My first post!  This post is about Paris Hilton's Perfume Line because it is something that I am passionate about. 

First a little history.  I met Paris Hilton for the first time in 2003.  I was at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand.  They used to occur every December, and I went to every single one.  I saw Paris and Nicole and asked them for their autograph's and pictures.  They were both extremely kind and very pretty in person.

Two years later in 2005 I ran into Paris again at Club Teatro at the MGM (no longer there).  She was so nice she signed the picture from two years before and took me out with her all night.  Her body guards catered to my every need, and even escorted me to and from the bathroom. 

Paris was so sweet to me, and gave me the night of my life that I will never forget! She is a great person, with a good heart, and you definitely should not believe everything you read in the media.  There were absolutely no drugs involved when I was with her, but I will say she LOVES Patron chased with Pineapple Juice.

THAT SAID.....on with the review :)

Just Me is Paris Hilton's first fragrance.  I was not crazy about the smell. A little too sweet for me.  However, it was her first perfume out so I absolutely had to have it.  That was so long ago, and the bottle is only about 1/4 of the way gone.  I still use it from time to time when I'm feeling very childish.  I feel this scent would more appeal to high school students.  Although in High school I wore Tommy Girl! Whenever I smell that scent it really takes me back!


This is Paris Hilton's Self-Titled Perfume, and her 2nd one to come out.  I absolutely LOVE this one.  It is so perfect for everyday wear.  Although, my best Friend says I smell like a prostitute and always sneezes when I wear it.  Unfortunately for me, I am with my best friend nearly every day so I don't get to wear it that often!  I have three bottles of this one, two are full and one is a little more than 1/2 way gone.  My best friend gave me her bottle of it that she received as a gift.  Perfume always seems to last me such a long time, so I really don't mind paying the $50 - $70 price tag on it.

Heiress is my personal favorite.  It is very sophisticated, and no one ever suspects me of wearing Paris Hilton!  I get compliments on it all the time, and everyone always asks me what it is.  They are always surprised when I tell them it is "Heiress by Paris!".  I use this one the most frequently so I am in need of a new bottle!

Now about CanCan.......let's see.  I tried this at the Department Store and it is WAY to sweet for me.  I just could not justify spending money on this perfume even though I loved the bottle and I love Paris.  It is cotton candy scented and just VERY sweet smelling.  I did however receive a free bottle of the lotion when I purchased another one of her perfumes, so I did use the lotion.  It was not as strong as the perfume, and was very moisturizing, and had a great sparkle shimmer to it.  That is another thing that is great about purchasing Paris Hilton Fragrances.  You always get a great bag/purse/luggage/make-up bag free with purchase.

Siren is another one of my personal favorites.  I absolutely fell in love with the packaging when I saw this at Sears.  It came with a cute seahorse on the neck of the bottle that is currently hanging in the rear-view mirror of my car.  I love this scent so much.  It is very light and breezy, and I just enjoy it so much.

Happy Valentines Day 2011 to me!  My dad bought me Tease for Valentine's day this year.  I like it a whole bunch.  It was an excellent value at $49.99 at Macy's, it came with - full size bottle, body wash, body lotion, and a nice oil roll-on version of the perfume.  AND it came with a free purse AND a free make-up bag.  I was absolutely ecstatic and it made my Valentine's day perfect.

I have not tried Fairy Dust - nor have I seen it available anywhere so far.  Anxious to try this one out!

I also have two luggage roll-on bags that are perfect for carry-on for the airplane that I received as free gifts from purchasing Paris Hilton perfume.